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What Would Jesus Say to Churches Today?

By Dan Delzell, Christian Post Contributor

If Jesus walked into your church this weekend, what do you think He would say? Would He primarily affirm the good things going on, or would the bulk of our Lord's comments likely be corrective in nature? In reality, His words would probably include both affirmations and corrections. That's at least the way He did it with seven churches at the end of the first century.

The revelation which our Lord gave the apostle John on the island of Patmos was instructive and insightful on multiple levels. Seven churches in seven cities of Asia Minor were each given a special letter from Christ, and each letter addressed issues going on in that particular church.

Imagine a parent, for example, writing seven different letters to seven different children. Each letter would obviously address things unique to that child. Likewise, Jesus loved each of the seven churches because these were people for whom He died. And each church needed to hear words from their Lord which "comforted the afflicted" and "afflicted the comfortable."

That is to say, those who were faithfully facing pressure received much encouragement from Christ, while those who were coddling sin received a stern rebuke. After all, that is how love operates in a family and in God's church. And no one is more loving than Jesus with His people.

These seven letters have amazing relevance for Christians today. The teaching and behavior exhibited in those first century churches continues to surface today in one way or another. The heart of man has basically remained the same, and the temptations faced by Christian disciples have not really changed. While the exact details differ from one century to the next, the spiritual struggles remain very similar.

For this reason, we can apply these seven letters today wherever Christians gather around God's Word and sacraments. The true church of Jesus Christ has been in existence ever since our Lord first started calling disciples to follow Him. And the insights gleaned from these seven letters have guided an untold number of churches and Christians into greater faithfulness to Christ.

Go to and read the entire article: What Would Jesus Say to Churches Today? | Opinion News (


What Is Peace?
So many people strive for one thing more than any other—peace. The reason they seek it is because there’s no lasting comfort or freedom in their lives. It’s like they are always unsettled. The Bible defines peace primarily in three ways.

  1. Psychological peace, the comfort within.
  2. Relational peace, harmony among humanity.
  3. Spiritual peace, which is between God and man.

The Bible outlines how sin damages or wipes out all three types of peace. When God created man, he was at peace with God, himself, and everyone else. However, that peace was lost when he turned against God. Peace can be restored, but we can’t do it alone. God provided a way.

Jesus Christ, God’s only Son, was sent to our world to take away our sins. He did so by allowing Himself to be crucified, and it was that sacrifice that made it possible for us to have peace again—peace within ourselves, peace with each other and peace with God.

After Jesus died on the cross, He came back to life. That demonstrated Jesus is God, but also made it clear He desires for everyone to have perfect peace. “For He Himself is our peace, … and He came and preached peace to you who were far off and peace to those who were near” (Ephesians 2:14-17).

Jesus empowers each of us to overcome every type of sin. No matter how difficult your situation feels, Christ can break through it. But you must first acknowledge your sin and commit to Jesus, then you can have perfect peace and know its meaning.

Jesus said, “I have told you all this so that you may have peace in me” (John 16:33). To have peace, you must know the One who can give it.


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